Grounding & Stranding

A grounded vessel is in a position her designers, builders and operators never intended. The ability to evaluate the situation and condition of the vessel, to fully understand the predicament she is in and develop a plan to safely refloat her is what  sets salvors apart from ordinary mariners.

Fire & Explosion

Marine Firefighting is a hard and dangerous business and is the most time-critical form of salvage. The salvor assisting a burning vessel must thoroughly understand the principles of his trade, be able to think on his feet and must instinctively react correctly every time.


Salvors assisting seriously damaged vessels must possess experience and an objective detachment that enables them to quickly assess a stricken ship’s situation and take appropriate corrective action.

Capsise and Sinking

When ships capsize and sink, the problems associated with their salvage are normally so complex that a  detailed engineering analysis and plan is required. The technique that appears most attractive on the surface may present potential problems that are only revealed by thinking the whole work through.