Emergency Response


Making the right decisions in the early hours of a developing incident can be vital to the success and cost of any  subsequent salvage operation. The right salvor, the most appropriate equipment and the best precautions to take to mitigate the situation all need to be considered before a decision is made. In the world of salvage, hasty or ill informed decisions are often difficult if not impossible to undo.


Pressure for immediate action should not cloud good judgment. Action taken with undue haste can increase the hazard, complicate the salvage operation, delay it’s completion or jeopardise it’s success. If time allows, these decisions  should be made in consultation with an independent salvage expert who has both the vision and experience to see what might happen and a have a thorough understanding of the financial implications  for the various scenarios that may arise should circumstances change.


Well planned and thought out initial efforts can reduce damage and minimise salvage requirements. Ships crew can play an important role both in the early  stages and throughout a salvage operation.With proper leadership, advice and guidance, many ships can often get themselves out of  situations that they had initially thought impossible without professional assistance.


We can offer the following assistance:-

• Independent Salvage Master
• Casualty Assessment
• Salvage Plan Preparation
• Risk Evaluation
• Incident Management
• Casualty Stabilisation & Control
• Site Inspection & Hydrographic Surveys
• Salvage Coordination
• Special Casualty Representative – SCR
• Shipowners On-Site Adviser
• LOF Appraisal
• OPA 90 Response