Rescue Tows

Rescue tows can be challenging operations where the towed vessel can be very unwieldy and seemingly have a mind of its own. High standards of seamanship and shiphandling skills are required both in making the connection and delivering the tow to a safe destination.

Scrap Tows

The difficulties experienced in Rescue Towing can be largely mitigated by proper preparation. The photo to the right shows both bow and stern section of a damaged VLCC transiting Singapore Straits for a scrap yard in Thailand.

Rig Tows

The economics and diverse geography of oil has resulted in the need  for extreme long range ocean tows of drilling platforms. Tows in excess of 15,000 nautical miles lasting 5 to 6 months and crossing several oceans are not uncommon.

Special Tows & Heavy Lift Transportation

If it floats, it can be towed. Float On / Float Off: Roll On / Roll Off: Skid On / Skid Off: Submersible Barge Operations: Twin Tows; Tandem Tows: Jack-Up Barges: Even a Drilling Platform with Sails on a Trans Atlantic voyage!


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