Choosing the right Consultant or  Expert can be one of the most crucial decisions made when contracting for a major project or preparing a case for trial or arbitration.
The primary function of an expert is to provide independent opinion or expertise in his specialised field in order to assist a judge or arbitrator in reaching a decision. Experts can also be  useful for solicitors when handling claims more generally. For example, where instructed at the outset, experts may assist with an evaluation of the merits of a claim or defence. There will, of course, be increased costs involved in instructing experts at an early stage but this may prevent parties incurring substantial costs at a later stage by pursuing flawed claims. It may also lead to better presentation of, and more informed, statements of case.
However, it can often prove difficult to find the right combination of academic qualifications and practical experience.


The Extra Masters certificate was created for those candidates wishing to demonstrate that they had attained a level of superior professional qualifications when compared to the standard foreign going Master’s certificates of competency. The syllabus is similar to the Master’s examination but the subjects are studied to a far higher level with additional studies in Mathematics, Physics, Mechanics and Statistics.


Fellowship of the Nautical Institute is only awarded to those who have made a significant contribution to nautical science, the nautical profession and the objectives of the Nautical Institute.


We can offer the following services:-

• Salvage Consultancy
• Towage  Assessment & Approval
• Salvage Advisor to SOSREP
• Special Casualty Representative (SCR)
• Expert Witness Reports & Testimony
• Salvor’s Negligence Litigation
• Technical Assistance
• Project Tendering and Appraisal
• General Average Disputes
• Towage Approval